Thorpe St Andrew FC Mission Statement
Through the positive promotion of football and teamwork, we are committed to providing opportunities for football participation and development for all people in a safe, supportive, respectful, and positive environment regardless of age, religion, race, ability; or any perceived barrier, the club commits to providing high quality training to every child by suitably qualified coaches.

Thorpe St Andrew FC Vision and Ethos
Thorpe St Andrew FC is a club for everyone who believes in football as a medium for healthy leisure, entertainment and social integration.


  • Thorpe St Andrew FC welcomes all committed players, both boys and girls, from all ages into adult football.
  • To attain success both on and off the pitch; defined not just by results, but also by fair play and enjoyment.
  • To endeavour to keep the negative elements of football out of our club.
  • To display; and promote, Respect and integrity for the game of football, referees and opposing teams.

People and Environment

  • To promote, advance, foster and cultivate participation in football.
  • To provide a foundation and environment for players and coaches to develop or enhance, team-work, communication, rapport building, leadership, sportsmanship and social skills.
  • To provide an environment for players and coaches to gain confidence and self-esteem, make friends, and integrate into a team/group setting.
  • To maximise the potential of talented individuals.
  • To encourage, promote and assist in the development of an improved standard of physical fitness in all players.
  • To develop players as responsible people with a awareness of their responsibilities to each other with mutual respect for others.

For further details regarding welfare, please contact:

Matthew Clark, Thorpe St Andrew FC Chairman
e: matthewclark1@outlook.com t: 07545 115248

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